Defective Products

Defective and dangerous products harm millions of people every year. These involve everything from workplace machinery to the tires on your car.

In a products case, perhaps more so than any other, preserving the evidence is critical. It is extremely difficult to maintain this type of a lawsuit without the product in question. Always attempt to save the product, even if it has been damaged or destroyed. The proper preservation of evidence is one reason why victims of product related injuries should seek counsel as close to the time of the accident as possible.

Manufacturers are among the largest and most powerful companies in the world. They have unlimited resources and attempt to slow down the opposition with rooms full of paperwork. Your attorney needs to have the resources and knowledge to respond effectively to such tactics. Only in this way can your counsel level the playing field, represent you aggressively, and prevail.

Types of dangerous/defective products:
Workplace machinery
Electrical Equipment
Seat Belts

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