Drunk Driving DWI

Connecticut provides serious penalties including license loss for DWI offenses. Experienced counsel can guide you through possible defenses. If you have been charged in a DWI matter you should Contact a Lawyer.

The law:

Sec. 53a-213. Drinking while operating motor vehicle:

(a) A person is guilty of drinking while operating a motor vehicle when he drinks any alcoholic liquor while operating a motor vehicle upon a public highway of this state or upon any road of any specially chartered municipal association or of any district organized under the provisions of chapter 105, a purpose of which is the construction and maintenance of roads and sidewalks, or in any parking area for ten cars or more, or upon any private road on which a speed limit has been established in accordance with the provisions of section 14-218a or upon any school property. As used in this section, "alcoholic liquor" shall have the same meaning as in section 30-1. (b) Drinking while operating a motor vehicle is a class C misdemeanor.

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