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White Collar Crimes

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White Collar Crimes

White collar crime usually involves illegal acts to obtain money, property, or services, or to secure a business or professional advantage. Much of white collar crime is covered by federal laws that govern all levels of business activity.

White collar crimes are governed by the general principles of criminal liability- each crime requires a bad act, a criminal intent, and causation. The defenses to white collar crime are the same ones applicable to all crimes and include incapacity, insanity, intoxication, and duress. White collar crime cases often invoke the defense of entrapment. Entrapment refers to situations when the government has enticed a person to commit a crime he or she otherwise would not have committed. Entrapment is usually viewed by the courts through the eyes of the individual defendant. The defense focus becomes the propensity of that defendant to commit the crime in determining whether they have been entrapped. In some cases the government's conduct is outrageous in terms of convincing a person to commit a crime.

Types of Cases: